I feel I truly do not need drugs to live a happy, healthy life

Relaxed man looking at the bay

I have successfully completed my Detox stage and I am now on my third Objective drill, as part of the next step of the program, the Objectives Course. Upon completion of the Detox, I realized my body has become much healthier than before, my mind much sharper, and my soul much content.

Today I am 29 years old. Since the age of 22, I have been suffering from depression and anxiety. Even with all the psychiatric pills I have been prescribed over the past seven years, I have never felt such an amazing result. Today it has been over three weeks that I have not felt anxious. For 8 years, anxiety has been part of my everyday life. I truly feel I have been freed from that torturous feeling of anxiety and depression.

I am only on my third day of my Objectives, and I already feel that I truly do not need any drugs to survive and to live a happy, healthy life.

Thanks to the Narconon Program and to all the Narconon Mediterraneo staff, I now truly feel free from all drugs, and on the correct path to lead a healthy life.

Yassine El Afif—Narconon Mediterraneo Student


Veronica Iglesias

Responsable de Medios Sociales de Narconon Mediterráneo